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Beach House - Sea View

Experience the beauty of a Herefordshire village in our Shepherd’s Hut style oak-framed cabin

A warm welcome and a unique glamping experience awaits you at the Queen Bee Cabin in Herefordshire.

A stay in our beautifully crafted Shepherd’s Hut style cabin with its beautiful garden, including its very own exclusive organic herb bed offers a restorative getaway for the weekend or even a whole week. You have your own fully equipped kitchen, outdoor firepit and if you fancy eating out, you are a walking distance from a local country pub or a restaurant.


Shepherd’s Hut Style Glamping Cabin with Gardens

A stay at The Queen Bee cabin is the perfect way to unwind in rural Herefordshire, with a spectacular view of the Herefordshire countryside that includes a view of part of Gloucestershire and the black mountains in South Wales.

Take a weekend break in our oak-framed shepherds hut style cabin. Immerse yourself in nature, unique and exciting activities in and around The Queen Bee cabin and the wider village of Much Birch.

You could borrow our telescope and gaze at the stars, in the early hours of the morning or late at night when the sky above you is lit by nothing but thousands of stars.

You could have a go on our metal detector and become a metal detectorist on our grounds, you may just find a precious metal.

You could decide that it’s “The good life” So you just chill out and enjoy your stay in our warm, cosy cabin, collecting freshly laid chicken or duck eggs for your breakfast. Dine on roast potatoes, freshly dug from our garden with your own hands. You may just want to get your hands dirty, creating raised beds for our no-dig vegetable gardens.

You could do none of the above! and spend your entire weekend lounging in our cosy egg chair, reading on our banana bench or just soaking in our wood fired hot tub, the choice is yours.